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Your Diabetes Breakthrough

Aug 20, 2018

In this podcast Tracy Herbert celebrates the 50th episode of Your Diabetes Breakthrough by reviewing the Top-10 favorite podcasts…. And add a some new things too. Here they are: Number 10: Podcast #36 Artificial Sweeteners – The Good – The Bad – The Ugly Number 9: Podcast #16 Improving Blood Pressure With Or Without Diabetes Number 8: Podcast #31 The Latest Amazing Diabetes Research  Number 7: Podcast #33 How to Avoid Developing Metabolic Syndrome Number 6: Podcast #34 How Sunshine Can help with Diabetes Management Number 5: Podcast #27 New Report That Will Change Diabetes Number 4: Podcast #28 Fasting For Weight Loss And Diabetes Control Number 3: Podcast #14 Vitamins And Supplements With Diabetes Number 2: Podcast #15 How I Lowered My A1c – Diabetes Blood Sugar Control Strategies Number 1 Listened to Podcast: Podcast #20 The Perfect Diabetes Diet