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Your Diabetes Breakthrough

Nov 12, 2018

In this podcast Tracy Herbert talks about the research she has been studying at great links between the diabetes and cancer risk. This podcast isn’t to frighten us but to give us necessary tools to fight both diabetes and cancer. It’s a must listen!

Cancer and Diabetes Association by gender:

Nov 5, 2018

In the podcast, Tracy Herbert interviews people she met at an American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure event. Each person shares tips and strategies that will help you take control of your diabetes, health, and help us to remember we’re not alone.

Oct 29, 2018

In this podcast, Tracy Herbert shares a portion of an interview with a client who had prediabetes. They discuss the strategies that helped him take control in a short period of time and now be prediabetes free.

Oct 22, 2018

In this podcast, Tracy Herbert shares the latest research she found describing the correlation between dry eyes, diabetic retinopathy, and diabetes eye health. Just like she does every week she shares ways to avoid diabetes complications.

Oct 15, 2018

In this podcast Tracy Herbert shares how using this 3M Formula will help you lose weight and most importantly, keep it off.

The 3M Formula: Mind – Mouth - Move


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