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This podcast is to help anyone struggling with diabetes or wants to prevent diabetes.

Jan 27, 2020

In this podcast Tracy Herbert shares ways to stop the sugar addiction and why it’s necessary for good health.

19 Reasons why we should stop eating sugar. Overeating sugar can cause or contribute to these health issues:

1. Immune Function
2. Inflammation
3. Weight Gain
4. Stress
5. Cancer
6. Heart Disease
7. Cognitive...

Jan 20, 2020

In this podcast Tracy Herbert interviews Robert Lewis who is The Happy Diabetic Chef. Being happy is good for our health and while listening to this podcast you’ll find valuable tips for healthy eating and living with diabetes.

The Happy Diabetic Kitchen Podcast:

Jan 13, 2020

In this podcast Tracy Herbert shares research on why it's important to detect Alzheimer's and dementia early, along with steps to avoid mental decline while improving brain health.

What to Avoid to Getting Alzheimer’s or Dementia:

Jan 6, 2020

In this podcast Tracy Herbert shares research regarding the mistakes that happen when people want the quick fix to good health by the overuse of pharmaceutical drugs. Thanks to pharmaceutical treatments for infectious diseases, namely antibiotics, death from these infections has been dramatically reduced or eliminated....